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Commercial Window Cleaning

window cleaning aberdeen
window cleaning aberdeen

Water Fed Pole


Cleaning windows via Water Fed Pole technology is efficient, cost effective and safe. Pure water is sprayed through a soft bristle brush at the top of the pole to remove the dirt. The pure water attracts dirt and impurities before being rinsed away. The water is then left to evaporate leaving a spotless finish.

Windows can be cleaned up to heights of 65ft (20m) by an operative working at ground level. The major benefit of this is that it ensures that your company is complying with recent changes to Health & Safety legislation, in particular the Work at Height Directive. In addition Water Fed Poles:-

• Minimises damage to buildings
• Reduces disturbance to the occupants of the building
• Achieves access to difficult to reach areas

In 2005 new working at heights regulations were introduced, which stated that work at height was not to be carried out if it could reasonably be achieved without working at height. To comply with health and safety, Water fed pole systems are by far the most effective and are easy to operate.

Water Fed Pole Systems are environmentally friendly as they use only pure water with nothing added and give greater privacy to users of the building.



Conventional Window Cleaning

In some sectors including retail using this conventional technique is still the most cost effective way to clean your windows, as well as allowing the windows to be cleaned on the inside, ensuring customers get a complete window cleaning service and spotless results.

For the inside windows, a microfiber cloth is used to avoid the possibility of drops of water splashing onto carpets and other interior fabrics.

The end result is gleaming glass and smart, clean windows that give the right impression.

Our window cleaning teams pride themselves on their high levels of skill and training and ensure safety is always paramount. At every site we make sure the correct precautions are taken to minimise any associated risk, giving our customers both peace of mind and a quality service.



Mobile Elevated Platform Window Cleaning

Working from a Mobile Elevated Platform is a specialist task and requires trained experts especially when the windows are at a higher level. There are specialist techniques that create a clean and clear finish to eliminate any streaks or residue left on the windows.

For large window cleaning projects such as high rise commercial buildings, other methods can be adapted to create a safer environment for the job to take place. The solution to this could lie with an Elevated work platform minimising risk and creating a safer working environment. Operated by the platform rising up to the required level, this makes cleaning at a great height much easier to gain access to. This creates a far safer environment for our cleaners to complete their tasks and the mobile elevated platforms comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998, The Health and Safety Act at Work Act 1974 and the Working at Height Regulation 2005.

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